HDPE Multicolor Flake


Fractional Melt HDPE Regrind

High quality HDPE fractional melt (0.50 g/10 min ± 0.20)1 flakes derived from 100% post-consumer HDPE blow grade bottles.

This material is hand-sorted and processed through multiple high friction wash cycles, including an extended sink/float tank and label aspiration and foil removal system.

Technical Specifications

Melt Flow (MFI)
0.50 ± 0.201 g/10 min
Grind Size
3/8 inch
Bulk Density
20.0 (avg.) lb/ft3
PCR Content

1 ASTM D1238-10

Packaging & Configuration

Standard Packaging
FIBC bulk bags*
Avg. Weight/pkg
As specified
Avg. Weight/FTL
42,000 lbs

*Gaylords available upon request

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HDPE Multicolor Flake

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